Lenoir-Rhyne University Vision Statement

Our goal is to be a nationally recognized liberal arts university of choice – known for our excellence in building leaders for tomorrow, developing patterns of lifelong learning, positioning our graduates for success in their professional, personal and spiritual lives and providing an unparalleled quality of caring within our university community.


Lenoir-Rhyne University Mission Statement

In pursuit of the development of the whole person, Lenoir-Rhyne University seeks to liberate mind and spirit, clarify personal faith, foster physical wholeness, build a sense of community, and promote responsible leadership for service in the world.

As an institution of the North Carolina Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the University holds the conviction that wholeness of personality, true vocation, and the most useful service to God and the world are best discerned from the perspective of Christian faith.

As a community of learning, the University provides programs of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing study committed to the liberal arts and sciences as a foundation for a wide variety of careers and as guidance for a meaningful life.


Lenoir-Rhyne University Statement of Values

Lenoir-Rhyne University espouses a set of values designed to inform us, as members of this educational community, in our personal development and our interactions with others. These values establish our principles of operation as an organization. They furnish guidance and assurance to each member of our community, and they help us to see how everyone’s contributions improve the life of our college.

These principles are made manifest through our daily actions, and they are fully realized only when embraced by everyone in our community. Constant and consistent attention to these core values will cultivate the continuous improvement of our institution, will assist us in the achievement of our mission, and will direct us toward realizing our vision as a college.

  • ExcellenceWe will strive for excellence in everything we do. We will continuously cultivate our intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth. We will develop our talents and abilities to their fullest extents.
  • IntegrityWe will act with integrity at all times. We will respect and be honest with each other. We will take personal responsibility for our words and our actions.
  • CareWe will care about others in our learning and working relationships. We will be responsible stewards of our resources. We will support each other and work together toward the common good.
  • CuriosityWe will learn from our community, past and present. We will confront important issues with humility and open minds. We will embrace the gains attained from the diversity of people and perspectives.


Lenoir-Rhyne University Common Learning Goals


Lenoir-Rhyne University’s Learning Goals rest upon three foundations, developed from the University Mission Statement:

  • Integrated Learning: “In pursuit of the development of the whole person. . .” To be a fully developed person, one must know that each of the three broad categories of learning defined in the common learning goals - care and responsibility, knowledge and understanding, and communication and rhetoric - must work together simultaneously.
  • World Engagement: “Lenoir-Rhyne University . . . seeks to build a sense of community and promote responsible leadership for service to the world.” A full understanding of the world and a spirit of openness will yield a call to service and action as we work in communities at every level.
  • Christian Perspective: “. . . the perspective of the Christian faith.” To fulfill our mission as a Christian institution, the University shall foster caring for others, humility, fellowship, a sense of vocation, and faith.

The common learning goals, when implemented across the entire curriculum, will yield a discerning, curious and effective thinker, responsive to the needs of the world.

The Common Learning Goals:

Care & Responsibility

Lenoir-Rhyne graduates will demonstrate a sense of personal integrity and an awareness of their responsibilities as stewards and citizens of the world. Furthermore, they will exhibit a commitment to morality and to lives of service.

They will demonstrate:

  • care and concern for personal wellbeing;
  • care and concern for others;
  • care and concern for learning;
  • awareness of the world beyond the self in an open and intercultural way;
  • rigorous ethical understanding;
  • dedication to vocation; and
  • the realization of these in action and service.

Knowledge & Understanding

Lenoir-Rhyne graduates will interpret the world, using appropriate tools drawn from relevant bodies of knowledge both to grapple with and to attempt answers to enduring questions.

They will:

  • engage the knowledge, the modes of inquiry, and the enduring questions of the Liberal Arts and Sciences;
  • engage the unknown and solve problems creatively;
  • understand the ways in which the various bodies of knowledge connect and overlap; and
  • understand the limits of these bodies of knowledge.

Communication & Rhetoric

Lenoir-Rhyne graduates will be discerning readers and listeners as well as persuasive writers and speakers, practiced and skillful at grasping and creating meaning.

They will:

  • read and listen for information, understanding and argument, moving beyond memorization to discernment;
  • write and speak informatively and persuasively to different audiences, and make effective use of qualitative and quantitative reasoning, evidence, and exhortation;
  • use writing and speaking as tools for understanding and solving problems; and
  • effectively locate, critically assess, and use information.