The MA Community College Administration program at a glance:

The fully online Community College Administration program is designed for you - the emerging community college professional who wants to learn more about the world in which you work and want to effect change.


Course work falls into one of three areas: Community College Foundations, Organization and Administration, and Professionalism:


In this focus area you will study the history, mission, and organization of the community college movement, along with an overview of trends and issues affecting community colleges. You will explore adult learners, both from the aspects of our students as well as how we provide professional development training to faculty and staff.. Courses in this 9-credit hour focus area include the following: 

  • EDU 604: Introductory Seminar: Community College and American Education 
  • EDU 630: The Adult Learner 
  • EDU 650: Internship in Community College Administration


This focus area looks into the organizational structure of the community college, particularly on how administrators’ decisions reflect the mission, objectives, goals, and tactics that grow out of the planning process. Strategic planning is connected directly to the community college budget and helps to guide the administration in incorporating their leadership and vision. Program development and assessment are important components of this process. Courses in this 15-credit hour focus area include the following: 

  • EDU 610: Organization & Administration of the Community College 
  • EDU 612: Community College Budgeting, Finance, and Management 
  • EDU 620: Higher Educational Leadership 
  • EDU 621: Design & Development of Curricular Programs 
  • EDU 635: Planning & Assessing Two-Year Programs


While the first two foci concentrate on general skills identified by the AACC, what else might you need to know to be an effective community college administrator? This focus allows you to further individualize your studies to meet your specific needs. We also create courses on topics as needed. Courses in this 9-credit hour focus are chosen from the following: 

  • EDU 505: Research Methodology & Practicum 
  • EDU 583: Special Topics In Community College Administration 
  • EDU 606: Technical Skills for 21st Century Community College Administration 
  • EDU 625: Law and Ethics in Education 
  • EDU 631: Design & Development for Student Support and Development Courses 
  • EDU 637: Current Trends in Community College Administration

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