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Advising Guide to the New Core

Lenoir-Rhyne's new Core is a flexible, innovative, rigorous and thorough introduction to the Liberal Arts & Sciences. It embodies our University Common Learning Goals, as well as our Mission, Vision, and Values statements.

The Core has four basic component pieces:

  1. The First-Year Seminar. This is the first component of the new Core that is going fully on-line in the Fall of 2010. All 1st-years will choose from a list of year-long, topical, academic courses that will also introduce you to college, and especially Lenoir-Rhyne. Each is taught by team consisting of a faculty member, a member of staff, and a carefully-selected Lenoir-Rhyne student. Registration for these will be staggered (each will close for a time at 10 students, then re-open later), in order to ensure that as many students as possible get their first- or second-choice. (see list of seminar courses)
  2. Foundations. The essentials for success at Lenoir-Rhyne. These include courses in English Composition (4 hours), Speech Communication (2 hours), Quantitative Reasoning (3 hours), Computing Sciences (1 hour), Religion (3 hours) Wellness (2 hours), and a Second Language (6 hours). You should plan to complete your Foundations courses within your first 64 credit hours, and to schedule both English Composition and Speech Communication in your first year. (see Foundations Courses section of the core)
  3. Liberal Arts & Sciences. These are interdisciplinary courses designed to immerse students in the basic tools of interpretation and analysis that are the heart of the Liberal Arts & Sciences. The LA&S component includes Level I and Level II courses. Level I (aimed primarily at 1st- and 2nd-year students) involves year-long courses (or two different one-semester courses) in the Humanities, Human Society & Behavior, and the Natural World, as well as a one-semester course in the Fine Arts. Level II seminars are small, intensive, and topical, and students take two of these in an area - Humanities, Human Society & Behavior, Natural World - that does not contain your major. These can only be taken after a student has completed the Level I requirements for the relevant area. (see Liberal Arts & Sciences section of the Core)

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  4. Capstone. All Level II seminars culminate in a Major Project: one of these, chosen by the student, should be worked up into a presentation to an informed and curious audience. (see Capstone section of the Core)


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