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ConnectLR is Lenoir-Rhyne University's Application System.  Through ConnectLR you can apply for admission (See the Application Listing below), register for events, and, check the status of your application and supplemental items. When you go to the ConnectLR site you will need to  enter an email address, which will become your user name and  set a password. The information that you enter to create an account will automatically appear in the appropriate fields when you submit an application.  
If you're not ready to apply, create an account anyway to stay connected with what's happening at Lenoir-Rhyne.  Just make sure to remember the email you use to create the account and your password (although if you forget; you can always request a password reset from the Log-In page).  Note:  For undergraduate students who apply via the Rising Leaders Application or the CFNC site:  ConnectLR is a separate system and requires a different username and password than you used to complete those applications.

which application is right for you?

Once you have created an account and select the "Apply Online" link in the upper right area of your profile page you will be taken to the LR Application Listings.  Please review the Application Types below to ensure you select the correct application the first time.

  • First Time Undergraduate Application - For those who are currently in high school or have graduated high school and  have not attended any colleges after graduating from high school and want to be considered for admission for an LR undergraduate program (Not RIBN)
  • Undergraduate Transfer Application - For those who have graduated high school and attended college after graduating high school whether or not you graduated from college and want to be considered for admission to an LR undergraduate academic program (Not RIBN).
  • RIBN Program Application - For those that want to be considered for admission to the Regionally Increasing Baccalaureate Nursing (RIBN) program (learn more about the RIBN Program).  If you also want to be considered for admission to an LR undergraduate academic program you must also complete one of the above listed applications.  If you are interested ONLY in admission to the RIBN program DO NOT complete any other application.
  • Medical Studies 3+2 Program Application - For those who are currently in high school or who have never attended any college after high school graduation and who want to be considered for admission to the Medical Studies 3+2 Program (you must have a high school GPA of at least 3.5 and score an 1100 on the SAT or the equivalent on the ACT for consideration.)  You do not have to complete any other application.  If you decide not to enter the Medical Studies 3+2 program or are deemed ineligible we will use this application for admission to all other LR undergraduate programs. 
  • Graduate or Certificate Program Application - For those who want to be considered for admission to any of the graduate degree or graduate certification programs offered at the Asheville, NC, Hickory, NC or Columbia, SC Centers for Graduate Studies or for one of our online graduate degree/certification programs.
  • Seminary Application - For thos who want to be considered for admission to one of the graduate programs offered at the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary.

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