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M.A. in Writing

Heeding the Call for Narrative in a Fragmented World


This is the age of Story, a time when organizations need people who can absorb great sums of diverse information and organize it well. Business, Medicine, Social Work, Law, Sciences, and the Arts all thrive on effective storytelling. This is the job of the narrator.  


The Master of Arts in Writing degree engages scholarship in literature, narrative theory, and creative process development to prepare graduates to be the storytellers in professional and cultural environments.  The Lenoir-Rhyne Program recognizes the rising demand for people who can translate data and experience into narrative for purposes ranging from marketing, as in writing copy for website and newsletters, to healing, as in the fields of Narrative Medicine and Science Communication. Students in the LRU MAW read widely across genres and cultures and master the craft of close reading.


Writing in the World Projects allow each student to create a project wherein they engage the "real world" in words. Projects include:

  • blogging for Urban Farm School
  • facilitating a reflective writing and oral history initiative for former convicts
  • internships at JB Media, a prominent local social media entrepreneurship
  • curating regional and international literature-themed tours
  • internships at regional magazines and newspapers
  • grant-writing projects
  • festival and community programming


Master of Arts in Writing degree students discover multiple applications for their language skills, not the least of which is a renewed sense of meaning in their lives discovered through reflection and reading. Learning and experiencing how this happens enables graduates to connect others in a variety of contexts across career fields.