Honors Program

The Lenoir-Rhyne Honors Program fosters personal growth and development of highly motivated students through exceptional individual attention. Program students work with their intellectual peers in an enhanced learning environment. The challenging ethos of the Program prepares students for success in their post-graduate experiences. The Honors Program cultivates responsible citizenship through leadership opportunities on campus and the larger community.


Our goal is to ensure that all Honors students benefit from the L-R Honors Program experience. Active learning and high standards among a community of learners are at the core of the Honors requirements. All Honors students must take an honors section of LRU 101, four Core courses offered as honors (e.g. ENG 231H, REL 100H), and four Great Books courses (one hour each). Other requirements are doing community service each year, and completing a First Year Reflective Essay and then a Portfolio which is due at the end of the junior year. Honors students must maintain a GPA of 3.25 to remain in the program and a GPA of 3.5 to graduate with honors. These requirements are designed to provide an enhanced and exciting learning experience.

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